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If you have a storage tank that feeds your fire sprinkler system, you probably heat some 100,000 to 500,000 gallons of water to prevent winter freeze-up. To keep other fluids flowing, such as No. 6 Fuel Oil, it must be heated to as much as 160 degrees F. With it's R-factor of 7.14 per inch, Insul-Shield often pays for itself in heating season or less.

Air Handling Ducts
Applied to ductwork, Insul-Shield prevents energy leaks in outdoor runs because it seals seams that are loose from rust, vibration, and age. Insul-Shield keeps inside air on the inside and outside air on the outside. It also eliminates vibration and condensation problems.

In wastewater treatment, Insul-Shield not only saves energy, it is helping convert waste to fuel that is virtually free. Bacteria are better able to break down sewage sludge when digester tanks are kept at a constant temperature of around 92 degrees F. This also maximizes the production of methane that can power boilers and giant diesel pumps. Free methane eliminates the need for costly alternative fuels.

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